Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Addiction is...

I have a new friend who smokes.
She's my age and has had breast cancer and both of her boobs removed and reconstructed.
Every time she lights a cigarette I think about making her a Kale smoothie.
I want to tell her to take up running in the morning, and lifting weights, and maybe a yoga class. Maybe she has never heard of chia seeds...or the healing power of garlic?

I want to smash up her boxes of cigarettes.

But I don't.

Addiction is a bitch.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Its February.
This means I have been writing this blog for Five years.
Five  years people.

The anniversary of Josh's cousin happened yesterday, and I remember Allie dancing in my tummy during the funeral. Just trying to remember that has me all confused, Sophia was not here...that was Allie...before I knew her, before she was saying words like "traumatic" and "commotion"

The last time I wrote in this blog it was before Christmas, I sneezed and December was over, then what happened to January?
Time is flying by.
Currently we are experiencing yet another snow storm- and I am trying not to spend the day screaming at my children.

I have been working on TV shows and movies, so often now that its hard to remember that it was just December that I started this adventure.

I have met so many incredible people, famous and not. It truly is a blessing to be doing something that I love to do.

I guess thats the update.
Allie is going to be Five soon...I still can't believe it.