Monday, December 15, 2014

Why I cancelled Christmas

This morning in between the hiccuping sobs echoing from the back seat, I vowed to not let the previous fifteen minutes destroy my day.

My Kids are jerks- Especially this time of year. Between the Grandparents loading them up with sugar,  the chocolate advent calendars, and every excuse to eat candy and crap at school, they are literally cracked out out of their little minds. My kids specifically, this morning were like walking, talking junior high mean girls.To each other, and to me, their attitudes and fits were particularly epic.
Sophia decided to park her behind in the middle of the driveway and protest the wearing of a coat.
I reigned in my rage and put her in the coat, snapping the buttons with emphasis while she did her best impression of a wild orangutan.
I channeled my best Michelle Duggar and tried to remain calm.

Then she threw her boots at my face.

Then I cancelled Christmas.

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