Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Happiness project...are you with me?

 "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

I have a thing for Self Help books.
Its a nasty little addiction that keeps me scanning rows and rows of books. I am obsessed currently with Joel Osteen, "Your Best Life now" but its not limited to religious books, I picked up Gretchen Rubin's new book Happier at Home and I of course, being the self help junkie that I am, furiously started taking notes.

How to be happier at home.

I'll be honest. My home still doesn't exactly feel like my home, but more of a place we landed in. I did not pick out any paint colors in this house, carpet, floors. Even the decorations are still hanging on the walls. Shelves, mirrors. Stencils. Its all still here. Josh and I moved our crap in, with no rhyme or reason and promptly watched it exploded into tiny pink outfits and Dora paraphernalia.
My home is cluttered..because I, "we" are closet hoarders. If you looked around real fast you would assume we hoard children and all things pink.
My home aggravates the hell out of me. Hence the reason why this book is so intriguing.

Gretchen's book begins in September, but obviously mine would start in February.

1. I have books EVERYWHERE. My books, and the girl's books. I need to organize and put them somewhere. Bookcases are an obvious choice, or perhaps putting in some shelves in the bedroom.

2. Need to update photos around the house. Poor Sophia is no where to be found. Need to print them out, frame them and hang them.

3. But one new thing for the house that is "us".

4. Actually follow the Flylady's advice everyday on managing my cleaning schedule. 

 When Josh got home from the grocery store, he dropped plastic bags onto the counter, threw the recipe in a crumpled pile on the kitchen table, stepped over a fallen plastic container and began unpacking bags.
I pointed to the kitchen cabinets, "I want to replace the handles, and take down that." I said, pointing to a few decorative items on the wall. He is used to me sprouting off ideas.
Our family problem is we have zero follow through.

I want to change this.
As I watched him flutter around the kitchen, my mind started reeling with projects.
All the random crap projects we have started and never finished. The shelves that never got put up, the walls that never got re painted. Do not even get me started on the clothes, and the toys, and holy crap the OUTSIDE.
Deep breath.

Go back to the list.
February sure is going to be a busy month.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Info Dump

Hey guys.

So sometimes I go a few weeks without posting and I really think long and hard about posts...and then I see something shiny, or my tiny child dumps COFFEE all into my keyboard, WTF?! She totally did it on purpose too, with a snide grin and emphasis with the shove of the coffee mug.

So found out last night that my Grandpa passed away- I have spent most of today convinced that I am fine. Much like when you really hurt yourself- but have to continue doing whatever it was that you were doing.
You're fine, you're fine, YOU'RE FINE.

Like when I was messing around on the Cross Fit rig at my gym, alone doing pull ups and gymnastic type maneuvers; got stuck because my arms were so sore, dropped to the ground, hit the box, flipped over backwards and slammed my head into the wall.


Anyways...I am not too sure I am fine, yet.

My four year anniversary of writing this blog will be next month  - that blows my mind. And also the fact that I will have, you know, a four year old. 
Allie started preschool a couple of weeks ago, and has told her entire class her whole life story, including and not limited to: How I want a third baby and Daddy does not, that milk once came out of my boobs, that I have boobs, that sometimes I yell at her Dad, what I wear to bed, and exactly how many piece of toilet paper I use to wipe my ass.

I finally figured out that this was the reason why people pointed at me during car pool.

Everyone just Loooooves her.


Here is a pic of me with my Grandpa. I finally see that my kid looks like me.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In other news...

..Real Housewives of Georgia....

bhahahahahahha. Love it.