Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Daddy Day Care

J has been staying home a lot. Not on purpose, but childcare has been a little off and with my business picking up I find myself with a lot of kids and a lot of clients.
This morning I alerted him of another possible stay at home day for him. He pretended to be "put out" for all of five minutes, and did an excellent job at convincing me that he was just being a great Dad and taking one for the team, doing his big boy job while watching two demons small children.

Reasons why I don't believe him:
1. His attire consists of pumpkin pajama bottoms and a too tight Puma sweatshirt he got five years ago from a garage sale.

2. He is playing video games
3. The house looks like it threw up on itself
4. When I came home I found Allie marching around eating a pop tart in her underwear (which were on backwards) and Sophia soaked with what looked like the remains of his Starbucks Peppermint mocha.
5. He is playing video games

7. He didn't realize that they ate lunch at...uh..lunchtime

8. Or that they took naps...

9. There is an outdoor tent pitched in my living room.

10. His work bag has not moved an inch...and yeah...he is playing video games.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

No words..

October 29th
October 30th
October 31st
November 1st
November 2nd
November 3rd
November 4th
November 5th
November 6th
November 7th


My child has an obsession with fuzz. When she was tiny and sucking her thumb while holding her foot to her face it was adorable.
Now it has escalated to any and all things fuzzy ..and its less cute now that she is almost four.

Last night when I heard paper being ruffled under her covers, I automatically assumed she was eating Halloween candy...but I was wrong.

Very wrong.

 She was unwrapping..wait for it.....A TAMPON.
Not only that, but I discovered a STOCKPILE of tampons that she was systematically unwrapping and sucking her thumb with.

There are no words.

Only this blog which to document the event.

Hiiiiii future boyfriends!!!!