Friday, August 24, 2012

Allie bug

I haven't talked about this one in a while. My Allie bug- the one that cracks me up every single day. She loves to help- almost to a fault. Dragging her chair along with her, banging it up against the counter and stepping up to my shoulder level. "Mother, my Father ALWAYS lets me help."
I get this stage. It makes sense to me. She wants to snuggle, but not for too long, she wants to do it herself, but sometimes "I'm just too little to do it mommy, I think I need some help."

She is like a 13 year old in a three year old body. She makes snap judgements and conclusions based on absolutely nothing. "My Dad has boobies, (therefor) I will ask him for a baby brother when he gets home! Great idea, RIGHT MOM?!"
She appreciates chores and earning "treats". No longer is the TV on in the background, she must earn her cartoons by doing her chores, trying everything on her plate, and (gasp) keeping her thumb out of her mouth.
I can't help but be caught in this weird entrapment of she's a baby, she's almost four, no she's a baby! No! She's almost wearing a bra!

Wearing a Bra...bhahahhaha I am her mom, she won't get boobs till she's pregnant...which will be, ahhh NEVER.

 It's a terrible and amazing thing...watching your children grow up, just hoping that you are doing it right.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

11 months

I can't believe its been 11 months already. Tomorrow Sophie, you will be a 11 months, and then days later you will be the baby that is almost one. And then before I know it you will actually be one, and no longer a baby.
11 months will be gone in a blink of an eye. You stand now, with such grace its hard to pin the exact moment when you decided to pop up like a Meerkat - and clap with a crazy happy grin on your face.

You have figured out that you can stand up right next to your sister, to gain a certain leverage in height- but haven't yet figured out how to run to keep up with her.
This irritates you.

My favorite part of my day is picking you up at your crib in the morning, you wrap your arms around my neck and give me an open mouthed kiss. You pause, point to the door grunt, point to the picture of you as a newborn and squeal BA BA! Then point your tiny hand backwards and wave bye bye.

My little Sophie, you light up the room, you make me smile, I am so incredibly lucky you have you in my life.
Happy 11 months little peanut.

Sophia 10 days old

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Glow in the dark...what the?

Someone...please explain to me the theory behind the "glow in the dark pull ups".
Are the children suppose to be even more focused on their genitals that they feel the need to pull down their pajama bottoms and look at their glow in the dark crotch?
Do they stay glowy...or do they need to be constantly "charged."
I am so confused.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Trip to the Cape

There was only one time that I remember flying with my child that it was virtually painless. Allie was 8 weeks old, and she was too tiny to have any real interest in anything other than my boob.

Flying with Sophia to the Cape was being trapped in an elevator and not being able to get away. No, no, wait. Trapped in an elevator, surrounded by sweaty people, while your screaming child tries to rip your face off with her extremely sharp finger nails.

When I am stressed out- when I feel pinned into a corner, I run. I had to fight the urge not to kick open the plane door and jump out....for like the entire two hour plane ride. Do you have ANY idea how long two hours is, trapped...with sweaty people...and a crying/screaming baby?
It's like friggen eternity.

Sophia turned 10 months somewhere along that trip. Which was not really noteworthy since she really didn't do anything new except learn a new pitch at which her cries can achieve.

I feel kinda bad for all the swears I said to her in my head on the plane. I also feel bad for kinda wishing I had drugged her- like REALLY drugged her into a coma.
People look at me strangely when I tell them of how horrible she can be...especially when she does this every time a camera is pulled out.
I sure am happy that Sophia got to finally meet her Grammy, Uncles, Aunt and cousins. And of course to see the ocean where her Grandpa's ashes are scattered.

Going home is a very weird sensation- its like everything is exactly the same...but not at all.
I don't miss it...and yet...I do. I feel like I could slip right back into that life, the beach, the cool weather, my friends and family... I could gather it all up again and live it out.

 Honestly though, thinking about it- really thinking about it- the my tiny house with the peach trees in the back, my two girls giggling in the back seat of my car- my husband grilling in the backyard- my friends dropping by to say "hey".....this is my home.
And it's really great to be back.