Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So I don't forget

Sophia Kathleen 9 Months of giggles and smiles...except for four months in the beginning and the two weeks before.
Weight 18 pounds 46 %
Height 28 1/2 90%

No teeth...oodles of hair...curly, crazy hair

Oh...and toilet paper...there is lots of toilet paper.
And time spent with Big Sis

Monday, June 25, 2012

Life is a bowl of Cherries....chewed up, of course.

You know when you get married you never really know what kind of parent your spouse is going to be. You think you do, purely based on absolutely nothing. Maybe the way they take care of you when you have bronchitis and can't sit up in bed- or the way they lovingly change the cat litter, by dumping the entire box into the dumpster and buying a new plastic bin, because that one was "fucking gross".
There usually is some indication of the type of parent they will be.
J and I had five years of living together before we were married, and just 9 months of martial bliss before we were parents- we have never really been a married couple, we have always just been, well, parents.
Last night, while laying in bed I was remembering after having Allessandra how J slept on a chair in the hospital room, how he eagerly went to the NICU to feed Allessandra, and how he actually got up in the middle of the night and "helped" me figure out the industrialized boob pump.
Along came Sophia, and he was all, "diapers....whhaaaa?"

We both are a tad bit more relaxed with Sophia, she spends an enormous amount of time shoving random objects in her mouth, and really enjoys playing in toilet water. Feeding her is the biggest difference that I see between her and Allessandra.
I was very afraid of choking- so Allie ate a lot of baby foods up until she was a year. Sophia, at 9 months, without any teeth mind you, can gum an entire half of a bagel, eat shredded chicken and pork chops...she is a champion eater.
However yesterday I was feeding her cherries, and naturally, I was removing the pit the only way I knew how without staining the crap out of my fingers. Which happened to be biting them first, removing said pit, and them splitting the cherries into pieces for her to shovel into her mouth.
When J came out to the table I handed him the bowl of cherries and told him my method of feeding them to her, and then scurried off to pee.
Upon returning, I see J lean over Sophia's tray, open his mouth and spit out a mouth full of chewed up cherries..

I stared at him, my mouth hanging open.

Me: "Did you just regurgitated cherries onto her plate?"
J: "Yeah, isn't this what you meant?"
Me: "You thought, by "take the pit out for her" I meant, chew up the cherries and then spit them out onto the tray for her? Why not just tip her head back and spit into her mouth JOSH?!"

He stared right back at me in disbelief.
Still doesn't find that weird.

I will tell you, ten years ago when I first met him, when we were in luuurve and shared a twin size bed cause it was like so romantic to sleep with my face pressed into his armpit...I NEVER thought that he would be the dad to spit out chewed up food for his kid.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

9 months

Sophia 9 months

Today you are 9 months old. At this particular moment you are covered in a rash- like a RASH RASH from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. You are cranky and miserable and are frankly getting on my very last nerve. You do this thing though where you cry and carry on, but then lay your head on my shoulder and look up at me. It is pretty adorable.
You have ONE tooth making its way through your bottom after I rubbed some numbing cream on it you straight up laughed in relief.
You sleep mostly all night. Your favorite food is toddler pick ups pasta and avocado. You will pretty much eat anything I put in front of you.
You weigh 18 pounds and are in the 86th percentile for height.
You fit into all your sister's 12-18 month clothes and have attempted to stand on your own ONLY when you are distracted by shiny things.
Your favorite person in the WORLD is Allessandra and follow her around at all times.
Your hair is starting to fill in on the back- but it is still the first thing people say to me is "OMG look at her HAIR!" I really hope you keep the curls...and the giggles.
I love you sugar booger.
Until next month...


Allie 9 months

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Three year olds.
What. The. F.
It is like, they know how to talk, a lot. They know ALL the words to EVERY song EVER created and they MUST sing it all day long.
 I am pretty sure that given the opportunity, I would punch Raffi directly in the balls.
I am living with a tiny teenager, who insists on calling Josh and I "Mother, and Father" - and pretty much thinks she is old enough to mother Sophia, and given the opportunity will, change, bathe, feed AND discipline her.

 Allessandra is into "pretending"- only she repeats verbatim things that she hears in a weird mixture of nonsense.
"Mommy, Go to your room right now, you are not listening! We DON'T EAT DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS ARE NOT BIG KIDS, SIT ON A SHAPE RIGHT NOW!"

"Mom, you are not listening! Now you do not get your broccoli!"

Her hands fly to her hips and she cocks her head, flips her hair and wags her finger at her sister.
"Sophie, this book is called: "I want to learn about babies"- OH sophie you cannot run away from me. SOPHIE SIT ON YOUR BOTTOM! YOU ARE JUST A BABY I AM YOUR TEACHER!

 Except Sophia is not really interested in listening to her bossy as shit sister- and pretty much spends most of the time pulling on Allie's hair or trying to touch her eye ball.

Allie is also obsessed with boobs. Something I cant really take credit for, since we hardly have ever had a conversation about them- except I think that exposing her to the wonder of breastfeeding may have scared her for life.
With boobs.
Mine, hers, her grandmothers, her sisters, her dad's.

Face book post from last week.

Allessandra ate broccoli, AND grilled chicken for the first time EVER at dinner tonight. Why? Because I told her if she ate it, her boobs would grow.
Parenting. Nailed it.

This morning driving in the car.
Me: Your dad's birthday is coming up, what should we do for him?!
Allie: It is my birthday. I am going to have a cake, my birthday is March 12th
Me: No, it is going to be Dad's birthday soon.
Allie: Yeah. And my Father has boobies.
Me: Exactly.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Today on Pinterest

A few of my favorite things....

This is made with Coconut milk.....super easy and not totally bad for you!

Source: via Paige on Pinterest

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Craft a day.

So I am entering the realm of "homeschooling" I am beyond excited to have this opportunity to be a WAH mom....(working at home mom)- I am hiring a part time nanny three times a week which is, you know awesome so that I can train clients outside of the home and train myself for the half Ironman in September. (To follow my training you can read all about it on

This week. Monday (off) Tuesday (bike 60) Wednesday (off) Thursday (Swim 30/run 30) Friday (Swim 40/run 30) Saturday (Bike 90) Sunday (Run 50)
This is what my half Ironman training schedule looks like.

Anyways- in case you were wondering- this is what we are working on today in my house.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Lately I have been pretty obsessed with Pinterest. Like to the point where I think that I might break it. Allessandra is pretty excited about it too- especially when she sees pictures of fluffy pink cakes dancing on the screen, and doll house furniture made from old tampon boxes and duck tape.
I have this vision of "Homeschooling" both of my children.  Sending my kids back to their school after attempting to switch day cares has been a little like being slammed by a two by four directly in the teeth...I am back in the situation I was before....I work to pay for them to be at school. Which, is bananas. 
B a n a n a s.
No one wants to be stuck in that kind of cycle- it is utterly exhausting to never make those two ends meet.
Back to "Homeschooling" I have spent oodles of time looking at pinterest- putting together outfits that I could possibly create with my over expanding (never, ever used) wardrobe- pinning cakes and pastries that I might make someday, and of course looking at lesson plans and craft ideas for Allessandra.
All that I really really have good intentions of actually doing.
Except then something always comes up, and I find myself giving her crayons and some play doh, ...while I pin science experiments onto Pinterest.

If I pull them...then I will actually, really have to work two jobs- (in the interest of saving money- of course) but SERIOUSLY.
Here are some of my favorites for Pinterest.

Hope you All have a great weekend.

Check me out at  to read about my 1/2 Ironman training!