Monday, April 30, 2012

Popsicles in the yard....

Just one of the perks of being a partial stay at home mom.....

Friday, April 27, 2012


...My Children ARE related!

Alllie 6 mos
Sophia 7mos

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sometimes it's the little things...

Yesterday was the four year anniversary of the passing of my Dad and brother.
Weeks leading up to the day I pondered different ways in which to remember my Dad.

Most years I just listen to his music and say a little prayer- but this year, for some reason I needed to do something. 

One of my brothers spent a good amount of time with my dad after hours in the hospital- talking and trying to do whatever he could to comfort him and to make the situation seem as "normal" as possible.

That brother of mine has a spirit about him that is so caring and compassionate- He doesn't show that side of him often, but it is a side of him that I treasure to this day.

To memorialize my Dad I got it in my head this story that my brother had told me. 

  A few days before my Dad passed away he had asked my brother to bring him back a milkshake. This always struck me as odd, given that I (as well as my brother) had never seen my dad even look at a milkshake let alone consume one.
Since I was not there I will let my brother tell the story in his own words:

" I asked if he wanted anything and he asked for a milkshake, cant remember if it was choc or vanilla.  I told him I have never seen him drink a MS in my life, he talked about growing up and how when he was little he would really like them, even though they are terrible for you he said with the situation he was in that a milkshake certainly wasn't going to kill him.  He was also on some pretty tough medicine at the time which really ravaged his throat so i think he mentioned how good some ice cream would feel.  he wasn't eating or drinking at this point so whatever appealed to him i would get.
I went to Friendley(his choice) and grabbed him the milkshake, I sat next to his bed and watched the game together, the last game we would ever watch together and we have watched a ton, it was a classic that went to overtime and had a ton of excellent moments, probably one of the best of all time. In the end the underdogs prevailed which was fitting dad thought cause he was always trying to help the underdog get on top of the big guy.  I remember him saying when I asked him how  his MS was that sometimes in life it's the little small things that we all look over all the time that can be the best."
So here I am, Ms fitness, ms workout everyday, ms eat green beans and tofu for breakfast.....
Well to honor my Dad- by goodness I was going to have a milkshake (a GREAT milkshake) and I was going to get everyone else to do it with me.
The feedback I received yesterday from Facebook was amazing- people saying that they too would participate and do something that they liked and had always avoided.

All too much I find myself caught up with the everyday activity- have to do this, go there, fix this, get that, make food, pack lunch, make bottles. I, along with everyone else, am too busy to be in the moment.
My Dad taught me the importance of doing things even if I am scared- to be true to myself and to always go out of my way to help people.

And never be too busy, or too scared to sit back and enjoy a milkshake....(even if it is only once a year.)

Monday, April 23, 2012


Yes those pigtails are happening.

Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Months

Dear Sophia,
Today you are seven months old.

I look at you, your shirt drenched with drool, your hair sticking straight out in a mass of tangled curls.  Half straight-half curly- like the genes couldn't exactly decide what to do with you. I look at you- and like most months, can't really wrap my mind around how I ended up with such a happy, giggly baby.
You bust out laughing at the most random moments- your favorite is when I have clients doing jumping jacks in my living room. You bounce so eagerly- propelling your entire self forward- squealing and flashing dynamic gummy smiles.
You are a magnificent distraction.
You are incredibly observant, and even though you will happily be passed to strangers, you strain your eyes backwards, to see who is holding you- you must see everything.
My favorite is when you snuggle right up to me, hold on tight and lay your head on my shoulder and smile at a stranger. As if to say- this is my mom, I am happy right here.
You continue to follow up with your sister as if your life depends on it. This month is the first month that I have watched the two of you play. Your sister pats your head, and you reward her with a stream of giggles. She "reads" to you- and you humor her by listening attentively and watching her mouth form words. If I am not around you prefer to sit right by her, watch her, listen to her- you perk up at the mere sound of her voice. It gives me hope that you both will be best friends for the rest of your lives.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are you There God? It's me, a mother of a three year old girl.

Parenting is some difficult shit.
No one ever talks about it- nowhere in the middle school Sex Education class did ANYONE mention what to do when your snuggle bunny baby bundle turns into a fresh, smart ass, know it all.

I would die for my child. Everyone knows that, you know that, right? Even when she is flipping her GD hair in my direction and scampering off down the hallway doing whatever it is that I asked her NOT to do, HARDER and with more emphasis.
I love her, I love her, I love her. Even if I need to repeat it for the 400 millionth time in my brain over the sound of her screeching.

Terrible threes, well they are a real thing. A real thing pinned to a girl with many opinions and a seemingly endless vocabulary. 

"Mommy I need to know about babies."
"What about babies?" (ohemgee so NOT prepared for this conversation, breathe, don't laugh, PENIS! dont't say it snort giggle giggle- DON"T SAY IT)

"Sophia is a baby...I used to be a baby?---but now I a big girl---I don't wear diapers."

"Uhh- YUP! You got it right kiddo!" (Phew)
Can you imagine having all those ideas and questions swimming around in your tiny brain?

So when she is struggling to get her father's attention, hanging on him and begging for something she knows he will give in too- is it any wonder that she snaps at me, "Mommy. I not TALKING TO YOU I TALKING TO MY DADDY!"

Please realize I phrased that with the intention that it would be dripping with sarcasm.

The constant whining- the back talk- the melt downs, the intentional stuttering/ whispering/ ---its enough to make me frantically consult other moms...IS THIS HAPPENING TO YOU? Are you wringing your hands with frustration because you promised God that you would NEVER pick favorites....?????? But there you are- preferring one child over the other- because one of them makes you want to refill your anxiety medication and/or be committed.

I love my child. For real.  I do. Please tell me I am not alone in this.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Goober Face says Happy Easter Ya'll

No, really...give me the camera.
You just gonna snap pictures???? OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dear teenager who drives his golf cart down the middle of my street,

What's the deal kid? YOU ARE NOT driving a car.

 Is it just too much to walk your fat ass  up a hill? I am so confused at the backwards cap and the fact that you seem to be missing your shirt everyday.
I am perfectly fine with sharing the road if you want to hop on your huffy and you know, actually get from point A to point B like kids used to do- but the golf cart is just too much.

And while we are at it, Where is the golf course? Why do you even OWN a golf cart?
Just so we are clear, because you seem confused given the fact that you flipped me off this morning: my car will win.
Please stop thinking that you are flying up the hill by going 5 miles an hour, because I will continue to lay on my horn until you move yourself out of my way.

Your friendly neighbor,