Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fit and Fabulous Moms: It Works

Fit and Fabulous Moms: It Works:   I will never forget standing in the dressing room at Old Navy 8 weeks after having my first baby girl. I was under the impression that I...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let it burn

My life is doing one of those 360 spins that are only talked about in stories. "One day she woke up and decided to change everything consistent and stable in her life..."

And I do mean everything.

I keep starting to speak, starting to move, keep walking forward to this "new life" "new identity" and its hard, so fucking hard to keep from looking back, to the old comfortable stuff. Like an old ratty shirt that smells like home, the one that kept me from going out of my comfort zone- I am literally tossing it aside, I am letting go, jumping head first into a completely different normal. 
I have no idea why, but I keep going, because I know that all of this is what I am suppose to be doing, I feel it. Even if it means trusting new people, even if it means trusting myself.
 I am doing it.

Here I go.

Friday, March 23, 2012

...Moving forward

Crawling is an art form.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

6 Months

Dear Sophia,
Today you are six months old. Oh em time flies at warp speed when you are busy doing other things. Just the other day I was remembering your homecoming. I walked through the door with this screaming tiny baby, I picked you up out of your car seat and placed you on the that time I didn't have a place to put you..the ground seemed like the most logical place, given my medicated state and the pitch at which you were screeching.
As soon as I laid you on the carpet, you opened your eyes as wide as possible, scrunched your nose...and sneezed.
I dont remember much of those first couple months, but I will never forget the sound of that tiny sneeze from the tiny baby bundle laying in the middle of the living room floor.
I think you are so incredibly beautiful....with every month your personality emerges, you try desperately to keep up with your sister, and today started crawling forward. *High five* of course you started crawling toward the collection of cords and not towards the pile of toys that I put out FOR YOU to play with.
You love to eat paper...and laugh like crazy when I call your name.

I am so excited that I get to spend more time with you in these coming weeks.

I love you little one.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mixing it all together

So I gave notice at my job. My days of being a paid preschool teacher are coming to an end. I am not sure I snapped, exactly...but I had a come to Jesus moment where I was standing in the middle of the garage with forty five bags in my hands, keys hanging out of my pocket an opened juice box squirting on my shirt, a baby wailing and a three year old demanding chocolate...and suddenly it hit me....I don't want to do this shit all day long. 
My patience for poop diapers, pee on the carpet, and the constant yammering of children should be reserved for my two kids, it needs to be saved for my two kids.
So I am now a licensed ISSA personal trainer. The day I handed in my notice I came home to find that the school had emailed me my test scores..seeing as though I was fully prepared to have to take the four hour exam for a second, maybe even a third time...I was absolutely floored to see I had gotten a 91%.

I quickly applied for my L.L.C.- whipped up some business cards/flyers and signed on a few clients, which then turned into a few more clients...and now I am, holy crap busy. 
And I love it.
My girls will be going to school twice a week...where the rest of the week I will be home schooling Allie and fitting in what work I can get accomplished during the afternoon and evening when J gets home.
While working on my business I am now also trying to plan out stuff for Allie and I to do during the days she is not at school, its an exciting new chapter in our lives....I can't wait to see what happens next!

Visit me at my new blog for fitness tips!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday Weekend....

Dear Allessandra,
Today you are three years old. And there it is, those stupid tears that appear behind my eye balls whenever I look at you. You are such a person.  A person who thinks she is grown. You sashay around this house like the Princess that you believe you are, pressing your hands to your hips when you feel the moment is appropriate for such a pose, like when you are demanding more juice, or to eat dinner, "Momma I am ever so very hungry.." or when I am busy feeding your sister and you are irritated because the broom you straddled is "broken" and "wont fly up high into the sky."
"Momma, you need to bix this broom, maybe it need batteries? I tell Daddy to get some from Costco."

There is not a day that goes by that you do not make me burst into laughter. You are wild and dramatic, shy and emotional, a perfect crazy mixture of your father and I.

"Momma, Soppea is crying, you scared her, now say you are very sorry." 

The day Sophia was born is all muddled in my brain, but what stands out is you. How you slammed through the hospital door dragging two pink shiny balloons behind you, threw the tangled mess in my direction and demanded to know where your sister was.
It has been that way ever since....the two of you. Sophia must go everywhere with us, you pat her head and caress her cheek, you are viciously protective of her, and kindly allowed one of your little friends the honor of "kissing her foot" instead of her face.

"Soppeaa is bery happy momma, I made her happy, she my bery best briend in the whole entire world."

I have never met anyone like you Allessandra.  Sometimes I watch you play outside on the playground with your friends, smiling and giggling, marching around holding hands and making up games, I can't believe you are mine, that I made you, that you were once not here...but now you if you never weren't.

Sometimes you curl up next to me on the couch and lay your head on my shoulder, I have to take in those moments now, hold on to them for deal life, because you are so independent so incapable of asking for help, that you hardly ever stop and be with me anymore.
Momma I lobe you very so much...
I have felt you grow, and then watched you grow with my own eyes...into this stunning and hilarious child, you will forever be my gift, I love you Allessandra happy third birthday.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fit and Fabulous Moms, L.L.C

According to the State of Georgia I now own my own business.
Which, given all the work that I have put into all of this, is pretty awesome. I am currently completing my final exam for my ISSA and should be done in a few days *fingers crossed* who knew all this work would be so

Anyways Eat like me has another breakfast addition, today was pretty crazy, my little one is still sick (although you would hardly know it by looking at her) I spent the entire day half working/half studying/half pumping/writing/cleaning/ planning.....tonight I am training a client (yes they are signing paper work fully aware that I am still in training) and then I am going to BE trained by my trainer.
Drink every time I say trainer in this post.

Life is crazy, gotta keep up with the healthy fuel.
First up: Breakfast.
Peanut butter toast with raisins, whole grapefruit, plus a protein shake made with egg whites and the other half of the grapefruit with crushed ice. Actually pretty good (Very sweet if you add Truvia to it) YIKES!

Snack got pushed until later, I ended up drinking a protein shake

Lunch was some chicken and fruit

Before training: Protein shake, peanut butter sandwich +cut up apple.

*Remember your water! I can't stress this enough, too many times I hear people say they "hate" drinking water. Your body NEEDS it, you are roughly 77% water. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

...You would never know that she was sick

And she can sit up!

Such a goober face

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eat like me FFM addition

Normally I workout in the morning, however due to the baby who needs a breathing treatment every four hours, plus antibiotics, plus the fact that she is down right pathetic, I was up a lot last night.

Anyways, today's workout will have to be an afternoon/evening event.

Eating wise. It is always VERY important to eat before any workout, (Especially if you are pregnant!) When you don't eat prior to exercise- especially in the morning when your body has been in a fasting state you put your body into a catabolic state, where you are breaking down muscle since your body doesn't have resources to build them back up.

When in doubt, throw some protein powder into some water and grab a banana....perfect fuel for any workout. I found this combination very effective doing my forty min swim.

Since I am not working out until later this morning's breakfast looked like this.
High fiber cereal, unsweetened almond milk, banana and protein shake. I usually sip "stress relief"  tea during my day job :)

Snack will be 1 Kiwi and 12 almonds
after lunch, my second snack of the day will be my fuel for my workout, such as: cottage cheese on raisin toast, or a homemade protein shake, (Whey protein powder, 1 scoop of peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk)

Remember, You have to EAT to lose weight. Eating the right combinations of foods every 2 1/2 to 4 hours will keep your metabolism a well oiled fat burning machine!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fit and Fabulous Moms

! I am thisclose to being a ISSA CFT! I have been working my TAIL off to complete all my course work.
Soon my friends, SOON it is all going to come together. Do me a favor and "Like" my page on Facebook.

While I am getting my website up and going, I will be doing a few blog posts on here...different exercises, foods to eat...ect. My target group is for pregnant moms and for know..the belly pooch, saggy, cellulite...omfg I am never going to look good again...type clients.

It took me Five months to get my body back, I did it the right way, the healthy way, and I KNOW I can help anyone achieve success.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Notes and such

My week has sucked so much donkey balls I am surprised that I have not gone bat shit insane and moved to a cabin in the Georgia mountains, and started to collect cats. (Like I once did...shut up.)
For real.
1. Came thisclose to throwing my hand up in frustration to almost everything in my life
2. Decided to go back to school to obtain my ISSA certificate (Sports Science) which would be my (third degree/certification) not at all related to anything I went to school for. Cause...I want to help moms lose their baby weight. I want to travel to their house and whip their asses into shape. I did it. I believe that if I did it, anyone can do it.
...Turns out people totally love my idea..and my nights after my day job are quickly getting booked.
Who knew?
 All this work...all these notes and tests and tired bleary eyes all the coffee and the early mornings, all of for those two little girls. I want so much to be able to have a schedule where I can be there for them, make money to send them to college and buy pretty prom dresses, or hell, just to keep a roof over their head and feed them prepackaged sandwiches. I want to show them hard work pays off, and keeping yourself healthy and active is the secret...

All of this is worth it.

Every single second.