Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Rainy sick days...

We like to be Princesses ...

somewhere in the dark eating Oreos

I biked 15 miles the other day. It was by no means a lazy ride, it was a hard core, spit out your lungs spinning class that took an hour...all of which I was praying for it to end, cursing under my breath, and sweating like a fat kid.

It was intense.

Then just to add some fun to my life, I ran a mile AFTER the 15 mile bike ride, which in no way was fun, or even close to what I actually am going to have to do in May. (swim 1/3 a mile, bike 19 miles and then run 3.)

Anyways, long story short, I failed to eat healthy that day, biked those 15 miles on M&Ms  and a hot pocket that I shoved down my throat, while nursing and surfing Pinterest.

I know better, but it was quick, I needed to eat, and most days I am just lazy as @#%^!
When I got home from the gym I was greeted with two sick kids who were not interested in sleeping, but instead wanted to compete with each other on how loud they could get their voices, before their Dad's head completely rotated around and burst into flames.

I find that the real fun is when they do this at 2am. Which is why I found myself standing in the kitchen, sore and ravenous....stuffing oreos into my face.

It could have been the stomach ache, or the disgusting sugar coma I fell into, but I decided to hop back on the WW band wagon, right around the time the box of oreos took a nose dive into the trash can.

I have the Triathlon in May, a mud run and the 3 day walk for cancer in October, not to mention the fact that I want to throw in a half marathon somewhere in there...I am fit, I am strong, I need to remember I have two little girls watching me.
And just so we are clear, I know that I can have oreos, which is exactly why I am going back to WW, I want to eat these things as a treat, not as a meal...and certainly not at 2am in my underwear.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sick Sick Sick

Alessandra licked the garage floor.

Slow motion.....leans over and laps up some dirt that had been sprinkled on the concrete. The nasty, cold, wet, germ infested DISGUSTING garage effing floor.


So, now, you guessed it, she is infected. Lost her voice, has pink eye in BOTH eyes...sporting a fever.. I am super surprised she did not catch AIDS.
I mean, seriously. 

I had Sophia's four month appointment this morning, and since I clearly had to keep the nasty one home with me, I dragged her along in the hopes that no one would notice that I was trying to get a "two for one special" 
Lucky for me, my Doctor threw me a bone, checked out Allessandra's throat, ears, and charged me an additional 40$ co pay. Who's friggen idea was it to have kids again? Honestly.

Sophia is doing swimmingly, she is only 12 pounds...which is almost a full two pounds less than what Allie was at the same age. Not that it MATTERS, and NO I AM NOT COMPARING MOM!
Well, yeahIam.
They called Sophia "petite" ... "She is petite" "She will be petitie" ....such a change from all of Allie's check ups, "So tall, so tall, will be SO TALL"

Anyways, we got the go ahead to start baby first I have spent most of the morning with my "Magic bullet" preparing carrots and apples.
I really wish I had done this with really would have saved us oodles of money.

This was right before she licked the waiting room chair...I mean wtf?!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Losing weight and Breast feeding is a major pain in the ass. I am in a constant conflict with myself over my need to even out my sugar cravings, and my need to eat because OMG I am friggen STARVING.
This week I found out I have a nasty case of mastitis, which is almost as fun as pissing glass, only through your nipple. If I wasn't so flipping stubborn I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago, probably when Sophia started spitting up know, my blood from the open wound on my boob....but I am hell bent on feeding this kid.
Thankfully stopping breast feeding was not something that my Doctor advised, but instead antibiotics four times a day, cabbage leaves, hot compresses, and continuous feeding.
Mind you, I have upped my work outs, by seeing my trainer twice a week, added a spinning class, and a long run/bike ride on whichever day I have the most time...toss in working full time, and having two needy children....well mastitis was like not something I really needed, at all.

So anyways, I digress, the losing weight thing is really annoying me- I feel like I am constantly hungry, which given my day to day crazy life is understandable...
I am trying to find balance again.

It is not easy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Four Months

Dear Sophia,
Today you are four months old. It is unbelievably amazing that we have reached this mile stone. You are a fist eating, toe grabbing, cereal mashing, head holding little goober face with the biggest eyes I have ever seen.
You carry the entire world on your back, you worry like your mother does, grasp at my shirt with such ferocity that sometimes I am sure you could hang on if need be.
I find myself constantly reassuring you, "I am here baby, still right here, hush little one, I am here." You burrow your face deeper into my neck, clutch your tiny fist around my finger, or whatever you can reach, you hold on so tight I feel guilty for putting you down. Sometimes I feel like I do a silly back and forth dance, I lean over to place you neatly in your crib, only to see your eyes fly open, your body tense, your face washed with I quickly bounce back, and we dance like that...for what seems like forever.
I think that you are going to be the quiet one, the beautiful observer. I imagine that you will let your sister do a lot of the talking for you, following her lead, perhaps her pace...I am not entirely sure yet....but you can't wait to fall in step with her, I can tell by the way you follow her every move.
You can't imagine how much we all adore you Sophia, how your sister runs to kiss you in the morning, and ask if she can change your diaper, feed you, hold you, read you a's so simple, this family of four business.
Until next month little one.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Don't get sick

Among other resolutions this year, I vowed yet again on a stack of oranges that I would not get sick this year. Toss in a healthy batch of vomiting and evacuation of all bodily fluids a week before Christmas, and I was pretty much all set with all viruses, germs, and nasty infections.

Many of you know that I work with young kids, who sneeze, piss, crap, and wipe boogers on me on a daily bases.  These past two years I have built up a pretty decent immune system, but am still prone to those nasty stomach bugs, coughing fits and horrible sore throats.

For Christmas my Mom got me a subscription to an awesome magazine called WHOLE LIVING
An article that caught my eye was all about not getting sick...again, like at all, ever.

Sign me up folks..(I say, as my stomach churns from too much lunch before a 7 mile bike ride  and a two mile run) What the HELL is wrong with me??!

First up: Sleep Deep- well duh. I have an almost four month old, I literally just started clocking seven hours of sleep in a row. "One study from Carnegie Mellon University, found that those who averaged fewer than seven hours a night were three times more likely to catch a cold than those who clocked eight."
...The article suggests going to bed earlier, which made me laugh out loud, like a literal LOL- I for real go to bed no later than 8pm. That is not a joke, my 90 year old Grandmother I am sure stays up later, probably throwing back glasses of whiskey.
Still not getting lots of sleep? They suggest making up for it on the weekends, and or napping. I suggest closing the baby's door, your door, turning on the master bathroom fan, and burying your face under piles of pillows and blankets and just SLEEP.
...Sounds way easier than it really is.

Second: Address Stress- Stress is the cause of a lot of my "issues". I am wound tighter than J's fist around a wad of cash. I am a constant worrier, a nail, lip and cheek, biter- I grind my teeth, and sometimes I forget to breathe. I mean, seriously. There is a reason why I am medicated.
The article says to take inventory of the stress in your life, "Don't dismiss high levels of stress, your immune system doesn't care if you're stoic."  Touche, magazine, touche. Once identified the next step is to manage, such as: meditate, cuddle, make social contact (hanging out with friends...ect) or take up yoga.
Lately I have been pretty good at attending outings with my friends, planning coffee dates, and working out on a regular bases- it really does feel good to laugh with friends, even better to go on bike rides/runs with them. I usually find myself venting a week's worth of crap and it's way cheaper than therapy.
Third: Eat color- duh. Don't eat crap. Veggies/fruit/ whole grain, yadda yadda yadda....dammit sour patch kids are colorful!

For some reason the article throws in a plus sign in conjunction with eating your veggies, you must also have lots of sex. Interesting. "Pleasurable activities release endorphins, which rev the immune system. Or sex may just ease stress. Either way, it's more fun than sneezing."

I say, Sex makes babies, babies cause lack of sleep and oodles and oodles of stress, they also sneeze on you and will most likely get you sick. Don't have sex unless your husband's balls are clipped.

See? I just totally hypothetically saved your life.

And if you just totally skipped over all the words on the page to just look at pictures...I will not disappoint.

Monday, January 9, 2012


You know what really makes me want to scream? When you call to your child and they respond, (from where they are standing, usually in their bedroom/outside/flooding the toilet, or smashing your glasses into their face)... "What!"



It pretty much makes me want to smash my face into the granite counter top.

What do you MEAN, WHAT?!


Pffft, What.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

...I am alive I swear...

Let me distract you with these two cuties while I fall face first into a pile of pillows.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A scene right out of life

What's up 2012?
This year I was woken up by Sophia at exactly 11:57pm, which was just the right moment to be woken up, since I was able to hear a firework "show" that could have been taking place 4cm from my ear drums. What is with Southerners and their need to celebrate every stupid holiday with fireworks? I mean, seriously. It felt as if my house was getting bombed.
Anyways, last year,  last year, I also was woken up to the firework display... and ahem that is exactly how at that precise moment when the clocks were rolling to 12am 2011 Sophia was no longer an idea in the back of my mind......silly fireworks creating babies.

So, as you can imagine, I found it very fitting that at 12am 2012 I was nursing a hungry Sophia and thinking how much my life as been completely turned upside down. What was once a stable, sleep happy home, now houses four people, four completely different people, all with different needs.
I sat on my bed, with one leg tucked under the comforter, cradling a sweaty Sophia, listening to my husband snore, I pressed the buttons on the TV remote, waiting for something interesting to pop up on the screen, only to settle on yet another episode of The Jersey shore. I stared at the screen, the images jumping out at me, flashing their neon lights like my own firework display reflecting in the mirror.
2012, you know, I think this year is gonna be pretty great.