Monday, January 31, 2011


I know.
It's still January.
 But not for long. My director came into my classroom this afternoon to give me direction that all January calendars and event pages needed to be the end of the day. I was all, "dude, I changed all that the moment I walked in the door this morning." She did a slow circle around the room, taking in the Valentine's day hearts, the FEBRUARY signage -laced with conversation hearts and pink, shiny roses.
I look like an overachiever when all I really am is impatient.

Also, I have contracted yet, another cold. 

You will find me in the fetal position in the bathroom with the hot water pelting me in the know, for the STEAM.

See y'all in February.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A blog about not blogging, doesn't it make you want to punch babies?

My thoughts have been few and far between these days.
Every time I open up a page to blog, I stare at the cursor in panic like I am writing a twenty page paper for  my college english class.
I have nothing original- nothing interesting-so I quickly close the laptop and move on.
Not blogging, though, leaves me feeling empty.
I know, super lame.
But its true.
I promised I was going to write, when I stopped sleeping for twelve straight hours. But then, well, I am still tired.
I promised to start writing again, when it was no longer January, but, check it out, ITS STILL JANUARY.
....when I started drinking coffee again, when The Office had a new episode, perhaps when I started watching Glee- when I found a new book to read, rather than the tired books I have read over and over and over again. ..when watching people fall down became less funny, maybe after I made spinach brownies -or had more than a bowl of cereal for dinner... probably after I get my teaching scores back, or when Allessandra stops trying to shove the thermometer up her butt.
But none of those things happend.
So than I just decided to blog about not blogging -which is by far the worst blog post EVER.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is January OVER yet?!

So I did my three weeks of the Daniel fast. I lost a total of six pounds, totally do not crave sugar, and over all am feeling pretty decent.
 DOES IT FEEL LIKE JANUARY WILL NEVER END TO ANYONE ELSE? Goodness gracious its been January for fifteen years. Every time I write the date on a piece of paper, I cringe a little.
COME ON FEBRUARY with your sparkling hearts and bubbling champagne! Ohhh and pink roses and guilt trips, my favorite!
Anyways, I accomplished almost all of my goals for Jan. Including, finding a Doctor, and sleeping more. Also, exercising better. The fast by far was my accomplishment tho, even though I no longer am following it, I still find myself craving quinoa and brown rice with veggies.
Plus I have been pretty consistent with incorporating veggies into Allie's food on a daily bases. Except for last night, which was a total disaster. A delicious grilled cheese was ruined by my inability to measure purred squash correctly, and burning the SHIT out of the sandwich.
Poor thing gagged.
Daddy saved the day, but making scrambled eggs and biscuits.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Accidents are going to kill me

We have been having accidents.
Which, truthfully makes me want to slam my head against a brick wall.
Its not the type of accident that is, like, a normal circumstance.
Its always, four bags on my shoulder, tripping into the door, with the toddler over my shoulder, praying that she does not spray pee on my face.
And than, the moment when she pees its like....winning a marathon or something, I silently high five my awesomenss -only to see Allie squatting in a corner peeing on the rug FIVE SECONDS after she peed in the toilet.
Really, Allie?

And then there are the accidents at school.
Three to be exact. Just yesterday.
As in, she had no more underwear, and was sporting some weird summer outfit that was left in her cubby, paired with some awesome cowboy boots.
I love when I pick her up and she looks homeless.
No, really.

I have consulted google, and have a few ideas.

I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just in case you were wondering

There is nothing on this planet I hate more, than when someone promises they are going to do something and they don't follow through with it.

It makes me irrationally-out of control with fiery stabby rage.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Morning

Don't we both look super excited?!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Waffle Sandwiches

Amazon finally shipped my book after our week long Snow ordeal.
Anyways I whipped up a recipe for a Waffle Sandwich-which Allessandra ate so fast, I barely had time to reach for my camera to snap I pic.
I just so happen to own a waffle maker, which is pretty awesome, since the last time I used it, I burnt waffles and left the residue stuck to it, hoping it had a "self cleaning option"
It didn't.
But I have Josh.
Who totally cleaned it.
You need: Cottage cheese, pureed squash, (both 1/2 cups) 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, pinch of salt.
Take two pieces of bread (cut the crust off)
Throw the wet stuff in the food processor -than slather a piece of bread with it, (make a sandwich with the other slice)
Put the sandwich in the waffle maker and set the timer for 2 min.
Perfect little cheese cake type waffle.
She also had apples (with the skin cut off) I found that she eats all of it if I cut the skin off-rather than chewing it and spitting it out on the floor.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I got an email from someone who is an avid white rice eater, and was wondering about switching to the "dark side" also know as, BROWN rice. They were comparing the switch to their experience with plain pasta vs. whole wheat pasta.

Let me say this, I think whole wheat pasta is disgusting, but I eat it because its the "healthier option" brown rice on the other hand, in my opinion not only tastes better than white, but actually makes you feel full.
With white rice, you basically are eating air-there is no real nutritional value to it, and its only purpose is to cushion my sushi rolls, or hold my duck sauce.

So I guess what I am saying is: Try it. You might be surprised.
I love this DVD.
Its an intense yoga workout-but more like a class rather than a structured "workout routine"
This really helped me out today, since I slept a total of three hours last night-and feel like a bucket of ass.
Pretty sure I feel so awful because of the lack of sleep-I am hoping the workout tired me out enough so that I crash tonight.
Happy Weekend

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An open Thank You

To the car that slowed down to let me pass, the SUV that tried to let me go in front of him as my car whipped 90 degrees to the right, the line of cars that simultaneously backed up to let me try to get out of the intersection- To the cop that put his hand on mine, and assured me that one day I would look back on this and laugh, who also pushed my car out of the intersection after it did a 360 degree turn and to the the mail box that did not fall over when my car decided to drive directly into it.

Thank you.

I moved to the South

Because I hate the snow.
I don't find it pretty, I don't think its magical-ice does not make me want to jump for joy.
I have a two hour delay today, which in my humble opinion does not make getting down an ice rink in a car any easier.
Perhaps I should just ski to work?

All was quiet

And I thought to myself...hmm what could my toddler be doing?
Playing with her baby dolls?
Sitting quietly reading a book?


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Allie you want to go outside?

Apparently yes.

Cabin fever

We are home again today. 1/11/11
The roads are a complete disaster.
This afternoon's lunch was an absolute hit! Annie's Mac and Cheese, made by boiling the pasta, than adding a little bit of the powdered cheese and than mixing in two spoonfuls of pureed squash.
She finished every last bite.
She even asked for seconds and thirds (  I made a half of cup) she ate all of it. + the raisins and banana.

I get some sort of sick enjoyment out of her enjoying foods that are good for her.

For lunch I had a bowl of brown rice, kidney beans, salsa and crumpled up whole wheat crackers.
Oh and there was half a granola bar for "dessert"

Here is a picture of my house....where did my driveway go????? Oh yeah, its under seven inches of ice.

Monday, January 10, 2011

You are what you eat

Being on this fast has opened my eyes to how the right foods are suppose to make you feel.
I have been reading blogs for a long time about whole foods, healthy foods: quinoa, brown rice, pumpkin seeds, but truly people can't eat that stuff all the time...right? What about the cheese steaks and the large cheese pizzas...the diet soda and the brownie chunk ice cream?
The truth is, I don't even think about diet coke anymore.
I don't think about pizza, or cheese.
I don't dream about cookies or birthday cake.

I think about quinoa.
I lay in bed planning what new and delicious fruit I will mix in with it. I want to grab fistfuls of the delicious grain and toss it to the sky in sheer and utter delight.
I love quinoa.
Also, so does my daughter.
As I was feeding her forks full of my delicious lunch, I thought about trying to get veggies into her tiny face without her knowing it.
She is very much like her Father, and enjoys her food as simple as it gets.
She is not a fan of "toppings" or things mixed together, she can dip a chicken nugget into ketchup, but you MUST let her dip it, she will have none of the ketchup on the nugget business.
(Same goes for syrup with blueberry pancakes)
Anyways, since I have nothing better to do, being that I am home alone with my almost two year old, with my husband stuck in Atlanta overnight AGAIN- I googled how to trick your child into eating veggies.
I of course came across the master mind, Jessica Seinfeld <<< Her WEBSITE is pretty sweet.

 I quickly whipped up some eggs with cauliflower mixed in, and when she finished every last bite, it took every ounce of will power not to dance around, screeching gleefully "I made you eat cauliflower" But like the way Carmon does when he makes Scott eat his parents.
Also, cut up apple and raisins.

I made a vow to really work on feeding her the foods I feed myself. I certainly don't want her to be that weird child in school that has never tried a Dorito, but I also want to make a valid effort to keep her healthy.
My Dinner looked like this:

Boiled potato, brown rice, topped with salsa and ground cauliflower.

It was awesome.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, I have lost four pounds total from all of this.
Which is pretty  much what I gained over the holidays.

What are you having for dinner?
Do you trick your kids into eating their veggies?

...snow day part 2

She did NOT want to step outside.
Then this happened and she realized that the snow is soft.
And delicious.

Snow Day

I grew up on a golf course.
Which is significant, because I also grew up on Cape Cod, which was prone to snow. Lots and lots of snow.
Early morning of a snow storm, my Dad would tune the radio into the school cancellations.
Do you remember radios outside of your car?
Me neither.
But it was very powerful, since it controlled our entire day.
Would we get to sled ride? Would we, huh, huh?

My brothers and I would stuff food into our face, probably oatmeal laced with brown sugar and tall glasses of orange juice. After shoving our plates into the dishwasher we would stomp down the stairs like a heard of elephants, on a mission to find our snow suits.
Those damn snow clothes.
Thinking of them right now makes me feel all suffocated and anxious.
Leggings, with another layer of jeans, with another layer of vinyl pulled up and clasped like overalls. Then of course there was the puffy jacket, scarf, gloves and don't forget the snow boots.
Walking out of the house, we all looked very much like that kid from A Christmas Story.
But who cares? Cause even tho we were toting an extra 5 pounds of clothes, we were ALSO going to drag our sleds behind us.
Being the girl, and the littlest-one of my brothers usually took pity on me and pulled me on the sled to our favorite hill.
At one point I remember them taking turns pulling me, trading off if one of them got too tired.
You might think I was spoiled, but my steps were tiny, and if they weren't careful I could have suffocated in a snow drift.
At least that was my justification.

We would spend hours upon hours building "jumps"-thinking of new and exciting ways to fly through the air, and come close to knocking out our teeth. My brothers were always thinking of new ways to potentially cripple themselves. Have EVERYONE get on the SLIDE and go over the jump! YEAH! 
Lets make Chels lay down after the jump and see if we can fly over her! YEAH!

We would stay out there all day, only pausing for lunch, hot chocolate and for our fingers to thaw.

I say this because today we have a snow day in Atlanta-and I fully plan on putting Allie in a laundry basket and sending her down the massive hill in our backyard.
Atlanta is in a State of Emergency, for I shit you not, 5 to 6 inches of snow. Which, in my humble opinion was a Monday morning in Mass- but since no one has plowed my street, or even drove down it, I am thinking 5 inches of snow is much more serious when you don't have resources to clean it up.
I'll post pics later!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's for breakfast?

Oats made with vanilla soy milk, cinnamon, and cut up apples. I dropped a spoon full of almond butter on the top and poured myself a wonderful mug of Starbucks coffee, with a just a dash of soy milk. Heaven!
What are you having for Breakfast???

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I totally take computers for granted.
Microsoft Word, to be specific. Because not only does my handwriting look like a six year old learning to structure paragraphs, but my spelling is horrific.
For someone who has their English degree, me no spel good.
See, blogger just freaked out and started gyrating red swiggle lines.
I say this only because I had to write an essay today during my four hour test, about a time when I was proud of someone, and filled with happiness for them.
I quickly thought about making something up, but I decided to be honest, and developed an essay about my brother.
And when I say developed an essay, I mean I erased the paper so many times I am pretty sure I put a big hole smack dab in the middle of it. Who uses pencils anymore? No, seriously. My handwriting does not keep up with my mind-not in the way a handy dandy keyboard does.
Besides making lesson plans, I hardly ever write.
And today after reading my poor excuse of an essay, I kinda see why.
Even in class I used my laptop to write on, even my NOTES.
I certainly hope I don't get points off for messiness.
But if I was the professor, I totally would crumple up those sheets of paper, or turn them sideways to fully grasp the motivation behind my thesis. Cause, surely it's there somewhere.
I think the test went OK.
I will just have to wait and see.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love Dare Day 27

Yeah, I have still been doing it-well J and I have. Except the last week has been a lot of praying, and while I have been doing most of the praying-J has mostly scoffed at me and rolled his eyes so hard he tipped over backwards -head first into a pile of Bibles.
But we are working on it.
Today's Dare is about unrealistic expectations, basically forgiving your spouse for those little ridiculously annoying things they do-you know, like when they throw their clothes on the bedroom floor, or clip their toenails in bed. Those types of behaviors make me want to stab the nearest person with a Paula Deen carving knife. But I refrain. Cause I'm a lady. 
Also, I think that being able to put your stupid clothes in the hamper and clip your toenails in the bathroom is not in any way shape or form unrealistic. However-I do agree that it does tend to set me off into a fiery rage -when, really, it shouldn't.

Daniel Fast is going swimmingly. Although not eating sugar, caffeine and processed foods has certainly given me one hell of a headache, like the type of headache where your hair hurts. You can't open your eyes too much for fear that your forehead will actually split from your skull, and no one wants you working with children without a face, or a scalp.
Just saying.
I think in the past three days I have taken more Tylenol than I did after my C section.

Although I had a great gym session this am and I feeling pretty decent, perhaps today will be a day sans Tylenol.
Wish me luck.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


 I now work until 5.
It sucks on a level that I didn't know could be possible.
Like the suck fest of sucking.
Its not the work, it the getting home at 5. The rushing the potty trained child to the potty, the making of dinner the getting the child ready for bed, (bath, lunch packed, story read) then finally looking at the clock and realizing that the absolute ONLY thing on this planet that I want to do, is crash face first into a mass heap of pillows.
But its only 8pm.
Maybe I should shower
Maybe I should clean
Maybe I should blog
Maybe I should read my book
Maybe I should study for my test that is on Saturday
Maybe I should finish my lesson plans

But sleep always wins.
I have been going to the gym in the am. So High five crossing something off my January TO DO list.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are gym days.
I knew that I had gotten way behind on my life, when my Mother called to make sure I wasn't dead.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daniel Fast

Breakfast, rolled oats and all natural nut butter
veggies with quinoa 
My own recipe: potatoes, veggies, beans and stewed tomatoes.
And the greatest thing about this fast is you are FULL, FULL, FULL.
So there really is no need for snacks. But if I feel like it, I munch on dried apricots or raisins.
Today I plan on crossing two things off my Jan resolution list.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sugar and Spice..and carrots and apples

Breakfast-Oatmeal with Almond butter.

Verdict: Its 9:30 and I am still full. It truly is amazing how eating like crap makes you feel like crap, but eating well gives you oodles of energy.
Its like, maybe someone should write a book about that or something.
I decided to stop rewarding Allie's peeing in the potty with candy/cookies/marshmallows..I was struck by a blog the other day that was written by a woman who is not a mother, but speaking on behalf of the obese children of the world. (Blaming the mothers, of course) and while I thought that she was generalizing a lot of the issues, I did see how my job as a parent is to teach my child how to eat healthy and to stop rewarding with food.

And I so do that.
I am so guilty of it I want to hide under a pile of donuts.

I am on a mission to buy some "silly bands" "crayons" "construction paper" anything other than food to reward her with.
I am also trying to take the word "treat" out of my vocabulary-at least when it comes to chocolate and processed foods.
I am hell bent on trying to salvage the damage I have already inflicted- especially since she refers to any treat that she gets as, Happy.
Being a parent is tough man. I so see how children end up as spoiled, fat rotten adults- who take and take and take.
Let me re word the "fat" thing, I mean obese, I mean adults that eat to feel better, and reward themselves with bowls full of brownie chunk ice cream for getting an A on a test. Why wouldn't they? If Allie does something spectacular I want to give her cookies and chocolate and friggen rainbows-because those things DO, even if just momentarily-make you feel AWESOME.

And I, as a parent, always want her to feel awesome.

Which I guess is why I need to start pushing the fruits and veggies- you know, not the ones in juice form.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

If there was any question that she is mine

This is a potty injury.
My child, tipped over and fell OFF the toilet INTO our plastic trash can face first.

Like with her naked poop covered bum up in the air with her tiny feet flailing.
If I told you I did not laugh so hard I peed a little
I would be flat out lying.

She's fiiine.

Daniel Fast food list

Food list   
CLICK THE LINK if you are interested in the Fast

Apparently I am suppose to feel like a trillion bucks and re vamp my immune system.....

My New Year post

Aren't you sick of hearing other people's resolutions?  I mean seriously, every single year its the same damn thing, "I am going to do this and that!" (Insert losing 20 pounds, starting to run/walk/learn to cook, give blood, be nice to your in laws, not yell at my kid, eat better, ect ect ect ect)

Come Jan 3rd something shiny comes along and distracts you and then KABOOM you are back to doing the same old routine. That is, of course until the next year rolls around and you participate in the "resolution game" you know, for those measly three days.
Look, I am no saint,  I say a lot of garbage and don't stick with it- look back through my blog with all the things I said I wanted to do and never stuck with-but this year is different. (She says yet again...)
No, for real.
I have put a lot of thought into this. There are many things about my life that I want to change, but it doesn't happen with a few sentences chased with two bottles of wine.
Since a New Year resolution has the word year in it, its something we are resolved to do for a year, right?
I picked up The Happiness Project yet again, and started flipping through the pages-What if I followed along with her for a whole year, you know, MONTHLY check off tasks that could possibly better myself, and help me become, *shock* happy? Happier? Happiest!?
There are some things in her book that would really only work for her, but I could always add my own, like for example, I am still following the Love Dare, plus she has different goals for herself than I do. So why not follow along in her book, but add my own goals.

January : Energy Hers
  • Get enough sleep (8+)
  • Exercise better
  • Toss restore organize
  • Tackle a nagging task
  • Act more energetic  
"An important aspect of happiness is managing your moods, and studies show that one of the best ways to lift your mood is to engineer an easy success, such as tackling a long-delayed chore." (P 35)

My version of the Goals: For Energy
 1. Bedtime is 9:30 (still going along with Love Dare so that I am staying up to spend time with J)
2. Eat a better breakfast.
3. Take a vitamin

4. Get a Flu shot
5. Participate in the Daniel Fast to help restore immune system and cleanse
6. Get a Doctor (Vagina and all surrounding parts, including eyes and teeth)
7. At least 30 min of gym/working out 3x a week  anything else is just bonus

"Sometimes though the most difficult part of the task, is just deciding to do it" (P 35)