Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Raising vegan children...

Last night I had one of those moments, where I felt like a complete and total hypocrite.

If Allessandra had been older, she would have undoubtedly called me out on it.

I found myself being angry with her for not finishing her chicken nuggets.

We bought Non GMO, all healthy, yadda, yadda, chicken nuggets, because I had this belief in the back of my head that the girls "need protein".

The same argument that gets tossed my way everyday.

Allessandra hates eating meat.

 This morning, I had this epiphany, why am I forcing her to finish her meal, when she hates it?

I don't eat it, Josh doesn't eat it. WHY, am I making her?

There are plenty of other items that I can feed her, that carry much more weight nutritionally, and have plenty of protein.

“As long as the diet is carefully planned and well-balanced,” Bauer says, “vegan diets provide all the nutrition you need to fuel your growing child and typically contain higher amounts of the ‘good stuff’—vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, etc.—than the standard American diet.”

If I truly believe that this lifestyle supplies my body with everything it needs, then it is my responsibility to balance my girls's meals the same way.

 This morning, I tried something different.

Both girls had sprouted bread with peanut butter and strawberries.
 Soph had bananas laid out on her toast, sprinkled with coconut sugar.
Both finished a hemp seed/ green shake with vanilla drops.

It takes a little more effort, because, granted it is easier to throw Lucky Charms into a bowl or grab a pop tart- but if I won't tolerate that kind of garbage in my body, WHY would I allow it for my growing children?

I am not striving for perfection here, just progress. If 90% of their diet is vegan, I am happy with that.

 I am anxious to see if we can ward off germs, improve sleep quality and improve their moods.  I am also looking for them to establish a meaningful relationship with food.

I have noticed that Sophia is MUCH easier to manage this morning. She has been easy going and content.
Should be an interesting journey.


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Sunday, March 1, 2015

"I'm starting my diet tomorrow!" And other things you say to yourself..

It never did snow like they said it would.

They fear mongered all day. "State of emergency!" "Stay off the roads!" "We are all (most likely) going to die." "Be prepared."

As a society, we like to be enticed into panic.

We freaking love being told what to do, how to do it, when to do it.

We say outwardly to our friends and family, "I'm different, I stand out, If my friends all jumped off a bridge, you bet I wouldn't!"

I wonder if we all would, if the news told us too.

Or the Government? How about Facebook, or Pinterest?

It's not our fault that by nature we are all gullible as shit. Our soft hearts want to trust the meteorologists and the doctors that prescribe medications. The FDA that check the levels of chemicals in our food, we all want to believe that there is someone, SURELY, looking out for our well being.

Sadly, friends, I have to tell you. generally speaking, people want money. They want fame. They want air time and signatures and followers.

Lance Armstrong isn't real, and Nutella is not a healthy breakfast.

The media.. they don't care about you.

That's why you need to do your own research.

Most of you know that I hopped on the raw vegan bus and haven't looked back. Even though there are people that will try to force their fear at me. "You need meat! What about dairy? B12! FRUIT MAKES YOU FAT!" "WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN?????"

But they are only repeating the garbage that society has forced down our throats for years.

Understand that you need not go with what everyone deems "acceptable".

I have found that it is when I step out of my comfort zone, (for real) that is when the magic truly starts happening.
I could stay quiet about it.

I have thought about that.

What if I just kept this to myself and let everyone else follow their 1200/1600 calorie high protein, high fat diets, because that's just what you DO when you want to drop weight, right?

Well, if that is what you DO, then it would work.

It would work long term, and there would be no such thing as diet pills, meal replacement shakes, and binging out would cease altogether.

Can we all agree that low carbohydrate diets SUCK ASS?

 Ask yourself right now.

How much money over the years have you spent on diet related items?

I'll wait.

A shit ton, right?

Without your consent, you have been swept into the greatest money making scheme of all time.

The fear mongering people, tell you that you are fat, photo shop the "acceptable bodies"- lace your diet foods with chemicals and sodium and who knows what else, sending your body into a acidic catastrophe- which then causes you to be drawn to the "bad foods" but wait, you have a pill for that! You stuff more chemicals down your throat that fuck with your hormones, which sends everything into a panic causing more acid, and before you know it, you have lost ten or twenty pounds, you are starving and angry and emotional. You hardly sleep, your skin is dry and splotchy, same goes for your hair and nails, but you are happy because you are a size, whatever.

As soon as you start eating "normal" - your 1200 calorie diet has taught your body to store fat. So every single thing you put into your mouth sits around your middle and thighs.
Then, you say, "Enough!" I am back on my diet tomorrow!
But hold on. This time it's not working. It's not coming off like it did last time! So you think,  "I must try a NEW DIET!"
And there will ALWAYS be a new diet for you to try.

Do you see the cycle?
Then we wonder why we are sick, and starved and still over weight.

It is time we start speaking up. It's time we start speaking up for our bodies.

I told you before, that I wanted a new world for my daughters to grow up in. One that has women loving the hell out of their bodies. Feeding it real, nutritious foods. Not the kinds of foods that the government stamps NUTRITIOUS- but nature grown, organic foods.
 In abundance.

As far as this raw vegan lifestyle goes, I have already done the research and trials for you,
I know it works.

What about you? Are you currently in the diet cycle? Would you want your daughters doing what you do?
I am willing to bet you would do anything to save them from the years of torture that you have inflicted on yourself.

E book coming soon.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Frozen all day long. And a you are stuck in the house workout. You're welcome

So we have a snow day without there being any snow on the ground yet. So strange. I am planning on bringing the girls to the gym with me first this this morning so I can get in a run. Shooting for five miles, but will be happy with whatever.
Then I will most likely do this workout ^^^ that I created this AM for my stay at home moms that feel just as TRAPPED as I do most days...especially with the impending weather.

I am excited to get outside with the girls today and enjoy a little snow. I just want Allessandra to build one damn snowman in her life, so she can see that it's really NOT as exciting as Disney makes it out to be.

However I do plan on walking outside like:



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