Saturday, March 28, 2015

What I eat in a day as a raw vegan....Video woop woop

Hey everyone! So filming these videos are a bitch and a half. Obviously the more I do them, the easier they will get, but geez, sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it.
I know I was curious when I first started out so that is the reason why I am doing this.

Tuesday I will post a video about what my raw vegan tiny Sophia eats in a day. So that should be interesting!

I hope you enjoy, and as always please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe if you haven't already.

Today I ran about 2 miles nice and easy outside. It was suppose to be my off day, but I had too much pent up energy to stay inside.
Tomorrow will be a heavy lifting day.

Happy Weekend!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Good morning!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

"Someone wants to talk to you."

My brother Josh called me last week in the middle of the afternoon, (3 am for him) and my instant gut reaction was, who died?

Because, after awhile you get used to that kind of news
...well you never get used to it, you just learn to take a punch.

He tells me he was drinking beer with a co worker, who was also a 'medium'- he tells me, his friend rolls up his sleeve to show him all the hair standing up on his arm.

I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand on edge, and a familiar wooshing  passing by my ears....But I say nothing and hold my breath.

 He looks up at my brother and says, "Someone really wants to talk to you."

It was Jonah first, but not by name, by the way he was described. 

Think about that for a second. 
We are not our bodies. 
We are, who we are, on the inside. The "I" that has been you since you were born, throughout time you have given up different bodies, (Your baby body, toddler, teenager, etc) however, regardless of the body you wore, you were always YOU. It is that YOU, that I believe is channeled on the other side. 
Your Soul.

 Jonah was described as a larger than life personality, and yet with a very weak energy .."like a child" he was extremely excited and all over the place. He spoke of how they used to play basketball and baseball and how Josh used to beat him up all the time.  Unless you knew Jonah this wouldn't make sense. But that WAS how I would know it was him in the blink of an eye. (Also the medium presented Jonah as "J" which I found interesting since that is what I call him in all my blog letters)

My dad, "Joseph" (spot on) was next, and he was described as a brilliant, vibrant, calming energy that was exact opposite from Jonah's. The medium spoke of his mustache, and described my dad as being very important and established during his life here. As he was speaking, I swear, I could feel my dad beside me. Sometimes I get so close to his energy I can literally smell his cologne. 

My dad spoke of how upset he was that Jonah had died, and left his son, but because of the abuse that Jonah endured as a child, (from our early childhood, before we were adopted) his soul was never allowed to mature. 
I found this so interesting, because they died on the same day, there was no way of knowing my dad's reaction to it. I remember saying in the aftermath of the emotional carnage, that "Dad is going to be so pissed."

Their message was specific to what Josh's soul needed to hear, in order to heal. It was one of those moments in life when you realize that falling down the rabbit hole is not so scary, but a journey of self discovery.
Josh, being presented with this gift, this magnificent gift, from the other side, was still fumbling with exactly how he "was suppose to feel after."

How do you convey to people the magnitude of what just occurred without worrying about what they may think?
How do you actively believe in the impossible?

 Josh kept saying to me, "If it is real, If what he said was true.."  I would cut him off, reminding him that there is no way that this random co worker would have ANY idea of our past.

I find it down right tragic that when magic occurs we so readily dismiss it. 

A few years ago my mom and I were sitting on the deck talking, we hadn't seen each other in a long time, and as we were speaking, the light outside kept flickering. I knew in my heart that it was my dad, but my mom chalked it off to faulty lights from the county fair down the street. I remember thinking how sad it was that we couldn't believe in magic together.

Eventually my mom came around, but Josh never really believed the way I needed him to.

 I am so proud of my brother Josh for accepting it, for knowing in his soul that Jonah needed to tell him how sorry he was for causing so much pain. That he did not mean to die. Josh, needed it, to his very core to hear those words.

I have been sitting with this for a week or two now. Wanting a recording of it to play back, wanting Josh right in front of me, so he can tell me again. 

The very best part of the message was when Jonah said he was, "watching out for Dad, and taking care of him." Which, if you knew Jonah, you just know how very like him that statement was.

I imagine then in paradise, and Jonah will always want everyone to know he is taking care of Dad.

One day I asked both of them for a heart in the sky.


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